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It was so beautiful day yesterday (again). I love spring ! Who doesn´t right? I decided to wear my new jumpsuit from Forever 21. I kind of fell in love with jumpsuits this spring. I think they are ideal for this weather and they look chic! I need to buy more of them. Anyway I went shopping again.... I know sometimes I should just stay at home :D , but I don´t! So I have few new clothes again... I don´t know where I will store it but I don´t mind now.

Don´t think I am a shopaholic - Iam not. Oh you liar! Ok so I went to Primark because I wanted to buy a black cullotes and black (or white) vest which I saw in one Primark haul on youtube. I was like I need them! I really do.. so I went there and I could not find it..? I don´t know if there is something wrong with me but I went to 2 Primarks and I could not find any of the two wanted items.. That is weird because it was the new spring collection. I think I did not have my day (for shopping). So I bought different things there just to be happy that I bought something :D . So now I have new tops, shoes and accesories instead of wanted cullotes and vest...Yay! And I would almost forget - I was so happy I could wear my Kurt Geiger shoes. Finally! I really really love them!

PS: I don´t know what is wrong with my haircolor in these photos but they don´t have these 2 shades.. I think it´s the sunlight. I need to take pictures in shadow next time :D .

And what is you favorite clothing for spring? Do you like jumpsuits?

Jumpsuit - Forever 21  | Shoes - Kurt Geiger  | Bag - Primark  |  Cardigan - New look


  1. You look lovely, your shoes are so amazing.

    olivia - mycluelessmind.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Such a gorgeous look, this is so my style! The jumpsuit, shoes and glasses are so perfect :)


  3. What a great outfit! you look really nice!


  4. You look amazing x

  5. Jumpsuits are my all time favourite thing to buy !


    1. Glad to hear that! And thank you for your visit Susannah :)