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Hello again! I need so many new things...NEED - you know what I mean. So I made this list of most wanted things right now. I saw the brown hat in Primark about 2 months ago but I did not decide to buy it and now I regret it because they don´t have it anymore...Oh you stupid.  I hope I will find it somewhere or I will have to wear just the black one I have. Next thing are just basic black cullotes. When I saw them for a first time I was like "no.. I dont like it.. I dont think I would ever wear it.." But here I am looking for them. I saw them in primark as well but they had just big sizes so yeah.. I should have bought it earlier as the hat. Then the black vest which I saw in Forever 21 and River Island and I did not buy it again.. Guys, I don´t know what is wrong with me. Like really.. I want it but I don´t buy it?
Hopefully I WILL buy it! Pointed ballets are must have! It suits almost
everything and looks chic! Need to have at least a pair of them! As you could notice, I am quiet often in primark so my other wished things are from there. For example the cuff bracelet and high-waisted bikini. 
(All these pieces are not exactly the same which I want, I could not find the photos on Polyvore. But they are similar.)
Rounded sunglasses. I really like them. Every time I see them on somebody I am like "Wow. They look great! I should buy them". But I am still not sure because I don´t think they suit me. And last but not least are the white ripped jeans and shoulder lenght hair. I cutted my hair a little bit already but I still want it shorter so hopefully I will cut it more and I will buy all these things! Or most of them.

What are your current must-have things?


  1. Sabina, those pointed flats are literally the shoes of dreams. So, so gorgeous :)


    1. Iam glad you like them :) I need to buy them! And thank you for your comment Elle :)!
      xx Sab

  2. Totally with you on the round sunglasses front! x