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So I am back with another outfit from my holidays. I know they both look similar (the same skirt and bag) but I didn´t take a lot of clothes with me there (one skirt, one dress, few tops etc..) 
I don´t even know why.. I always was worried about the weight of my luggage because I brought so many clothes with me but now I didn´t. Something has to be wrong with me. I paid for 15kg luggage + cabin bag and I took just the cabin one with me. Unbeliavable but It is true. I really don´t know why.. but to be honest it was enought. I had enought of everything. However I love the denim skirt! It is a big trend now, I saw it on so many bloggers and it always looked great! (well almost always) Do you have your denim skirt? Do you like it ? And just to let to know, I went shopping today again... I am unstoppable. Even not enought space for anything doesn´t stop me. I filled in all my luggages and bags :D . So new haul post will be on this week.

Skirt, bag, shoes & "cardigan" - Primark
Crop top - New look


  1. Love the look, I need a skirt like that for summer! **

  2. I've seen this kind of skirt on plenty of bloggers too, but in shops have only really been able to find ones in a suede material as it's quite a 70's style look! But I really love this skirt and will definitely be having another little search! I really like this whole look that you've put together & there are some great pictures in this post too :-) Although the location of these pictures is making me a little jealous and in need of a holiday right now, it looks gorgeous and very warm! Lovely post :-)

    X Gemma

    1. I think they should still have it in Primark and it was just 10 pounds ;). And thank you Gemma.