APRIL HAUL (Primark, Dorothy Perkins, New look...)

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 So I am back with another Haul post. April ran so fast that I didn´t almost notice it was really April and we have May now and the summer is in front of us! I am so excited! Can´t wait for it. I think I am not the only one right?. So I was shopping again. I know I should not but I did and I didn´t buy anything from my wishlist yet... I know it is unbelievable but that is just me. Hopefully I will buy it this month. Oh I would forget !! I bought one thing from my previous wishlist and it is the Nikkor 50mm lens ! And it takes so beautiful photos! Can´t wait to share with you. I did not have an opportunity to take some outfit photos for over week now because I have nobody to take photos of me... But don´t worry I will post new outfit post in the next few (2-3) days I promise. Now lets have a look at my new beauties.

 I saw this skirt on so many bloggers and in so many Primark hauls that I had to have it ! It looks fantastic on and it was cheap as well.. Just 10 pounds!

Also from Primark are these accesories as the two necklaces and bracelets which i fell in love with. And the gold sandals which I think would be great to wear by a sea on holidays. They were for 4 pounds.

This "cardigan-kimono-crochet-something" :D (Iam sorry i don´t know how it is called) is from Primark as well and cost me 12 pounds.

Necklace from Dorothy Perkins for 3 pounds.

I love this bag! It was definitely love on first sight! And only 8 pounds for this beauty!

This skirt is from New look for 20pounds. You can buy it HERE.

I also bought something in Asda (George). I have never bought clothing there before but I really liked few things there. This top was on SALE for 3 pounds.

Just basic tees from primark. Each for 4 pounds.

This laced top (similar to the one I ordered from dresslink) is from primark for 4 pounds.

Second thing from Asda is this beautiful powder pink trenchcoat for only 9 pounds !! I couldn´t leave it there.

This skirt is quiet big for me. I ordered it from everything5pounds but their sizes are quiet bigger so I don´t know if I will wear this. I will see maybe I will find out something to do with this because I really like the skirt.

I also visited Superdrug again (there was offer triple points so why not right). I didn´t need anything to be honest but what do I really need? It is never enought of nail polishes so I chose two from Rimmel london. I really liked the eyeshadow pallete! There are so beautiful shades and it is so cheap! Only 4 pounds for this big pallete. Next two things are the eyebrow pencil from Burjois and contouring kit from Seventeen.

Last but not least is this summer-tropical-printed dress from primark. It was for 13 pounds and I absolutely love it ! Looks beautiful on, is so light and feels great on skin. Can´t really wait for the summer! And hopefully I will go on holidays so I will wear this a lot.

So what do you think? Do you like what I bought?


  1. Promiň, ale neodpustím si poznámku, je cost-cost-cost, žádné "costed" :D ale jinak pěkné úlovky :)

  2. Chybicka se vloudi:D diky za upozorneni ale uz jsem to nelolikrat slysela rikat i anglicany:D tady se na gramatiku nejak nehledi ale urcite to opravim at to mam gramaticky spravne :) diky

  3. Wow, love all the stuff you got, especially the jewelry and makeup!


  4. I love that denim skirt! I want it!