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Hello again everybody. Here are my new in cosmetics. I really needed a powder and eyebrow shadows so I bought them and few more things but I am not satisfied with all of them. Lets have a look at each of them closer.

MakeUpAcademy eyebrow kit bought in Superdrug. I was really happy I found it there but... I am not really satisfied with this. I wanted to use just the brown shade and the fixing one but the brown shade is quiet red. It doesnt look like that before use but really is quiet red on the eybrows so I have to mix it with the black one to do a good shade. And the black shade should have been dark brown as you can see on the sticker. Not happy for that.

Rimmel London by Kate Moss lipstick. I love this lipstick! I love the shade it looks so hot and chic. 

Revlon photoready powder. Best powder I´ve ever had !! I think I am never gonna buy a different one. This one has all I need. It is perfect shade, so soft and almost undetectable. I am really impressed with this product ! I bought it in Superdrug.

I wanted some false eyelashes so I bought these just for 1 pound in poundland.

Vaseline hand and nail cream. I wanted to try it because my nails are really weak so I hope it will help me. Feels good on skin.

I dont have many nail polishes here in England so i bought these 3. The red and transparent one are from Poundland and the grey one is Flormar nail polish bought in Czech rep. I really love the grey one! It makes the "wet look" and lasts on my nails for really long time.

Body butter from Superdrug. Feels lovely on my skin. And the scent is great too! I love it.

Garnier roll-on anti cellulite. I wanted to try this. Used it just few times but my skin already feels softer. Maybe it will help... At least it really feels good on my skin. 

I love coconut and everything with the scent of it so I bought this set. There is shower creme, body lotion and shower puff. It smells amazing, can´t wait to use it.

Last but not least....I really wanted to try this product. There was a great offer on Aussie products in superdrug so I bought a shampoo and this 3 minute miracle Light mouse. The shampoo is amazing. Smells great and leaves my hair really soft so I can´t wait to finally try this mouse,

And what are your new cosmetic products? And what are your favorite ones? Any of these?


  1. Great post! I'll definitely have to check out some of these products. :-)
    April xx

  2. Looks like really lovely products.
    I like the body butter
    I can't live without them.
    The lipsticks look great too.

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